New technology for hydrogen and geopolymer composites production from post-mining waste:

The current situation on the fuel market, mainly related to the war in Ukraine, may cause interruptions in the supply of fuels and other raw materials, including building materials. Development of a comprehensive technology for the management of mine waste dumps is planned within the project. The main idea of the project is to use the separated mineral fractions and fly ash to produce geopolymer composites.

It is planned to use CO2 as a process carrier in the production of composites. Another important aspect of the project is to determine a possibility of obtaining Hydrogen from the gasification of energy fractions. High-quality raw materials for the production of geopolymers and hydrogen will be ensured by the use of an innovative mobile separator for processing of mine waste.

The project will enable the creation of environmentally friendly and economically justified installations using material from a post-mining waste landfill. Achieving the final goal will be possible thanks to the implementation of the partial goals set in the project, including the development of technologies dedicated to the production of geopolymers and hydrogen.

Project Aim

  • A reduction of mine waste deposited in dumps
  • A development of the method of using the carbon-bearing fractions recovered from the mine waste, for production of hydrogen
  • Research into feasibility on manufacturing geopolymers from mine waste
  • A development of comprehensive technology of mine waste dumps management.


Project News

Kick-off Meeting

Within the International Scientific and Technical Conference KOMTECH – Mining Industry at the Age of Green Transformation – in Szczyrk there was a Kick-off Meeting starting officially the H2GEO project: New technology for hydrogen and geopolymer composites production from post-mining waste. Each of the project partners presented a short presentation,

Deliverable 1.1 “Communication and Dissemination Plan” posted on the RFCS website

The first Deliverable of the project – Deliverable 1.1 “Communication and Dissemination Plan” – was developed and posted on the RFCS website. The Communication and Dissemination Plan for H2GEO (CDP) will facilitate the coordination, synchronization of dissemination and communication activities in order to achieve the best possible awareness of the

The Grant Agreement for the H2GEO project has been counter-signed by the EU services

On 11.07.2023, the Grant Agreement for the H2GEO project was signed. The projected duration of the project is 36 months, with a completion date of 30.06.2026. Estimated Project Cost: €2,549,585.75 Requested EU Contribution: €1,529,751.45

KOMAG receives funding for the H2GEO project

KOMAG gets information that the proposal was positively assessed and that funding was obtained for the H2GEO project. Thus, the proposal has reached the stage of Grant Agreement preparation.